Solar PV Cleaning

Commercial Solar PV Cleaning

Even a layer of dust less than 1mm thick will adversely affect the performance of your solar PV system and therefore reduce your Feed-in Tariff payments. Research has shown that dirty solar panels can produce up to a third less energy than they were designed to. With our experience of regularly monitoring large commercial systems, we recommend that solar PV installations be cleaned at least once a year, ideally at the end of winter to ensure they operate at peak performance throughout the summer.

Performance can be degraded by dirt and dust deposits in the air, industrial or agricultural pollution, vehicle fumes, bird droppings, moss and fungus and salt deposits from the sea mist in coastal areas. However, the level of dirt is entirely dependent on the local environment.

TGE Group has invested in a mobile washing system that can clean all sizes of roof and ground mounted systems.  Our unique vehicle-borne telescopic cleaning system is designed to minimise contact with your roof and ensure that the water temperature is set at the correct level to clean your panels properly and prevent the glass cracking. We also have no need for additional access equipment.

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