Commercial Energy Procurement

Commercial Energy Procurement

TGE Group offers an energy procurement service that helps our customers:

  • find the best renewal contract prices for electricity and gas.
  • secure the best power purchase agreements for the Solar PV generated electricity exported to the Grid.
  • organise new import and export meters.
  • arrange a change of tenancy service when moving premises.

With energy price rises continuing to outstrip inflation, the first and most fundamental step in reducing energy costs is to obtain the most competitive tariff for your electricity and gas. Our procurement experts will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your invoices, statements and contracts as part of our free Energy Check.  We will check that you are on the right meter, that you are being billed on the right tariff, and that you are paying the correct Climate Change Levy and energy taxes.

As part of our competitive tender process we obtain quotes from up to 23 Energy Suppliers across the UK Energy Market. You can have the confidence that we will take care of all the complexities, hassle and time consuming activities involved in reducing your energy costs.

TGE Group manages your contract from beginning to end. If you have any queries during your supply contract, we are on hand to help resolve any issues as quickly as possible at no cost to you. The information we give you is totally impartial, transparent and submitted through a measured pricing mechanism in which each energy quote is calculated in a standard way to give you accurate comparisons across all rates. We are truly independent and do not charge you for our service. We will find the best prices for you and you will retain 100% of the savings.

The Benefits of Commercial Energy Procurement with TGE Group:

  • Future-proofed business with forward energy pricing
  • Locked in rates for up to 5 years
  • Standardised price comparisons
  • Maximised carbon offset opportunities
  • Maximised export revenue
  • All the hard work is carried out by TGE Group

Call our technical experts today on 0845 643 2528 or send us an online enquiry to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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