Energy Efficiency Products

Voltage Optimisation

Voltage optimisation reduces the supply voltage applied to an entire building, a specific area of a building, a lighting system or just a single piece of machinery. If the reduction in supply voltage is carefully matched to the needs of the connected electrical equipment it is possible to make a substantial energy saving.

The electrical supply voltage in the UK is between 235-245V, yet all electrical equipment across Europe is designed to operate between 220-230V to comply with current CE regulations. A large proportion of this equipment consumes more energy the higher the supply voltage applied to it.

Voltage optimisers intelligently monitor your incoming supply voltage and automatically reduce it to an optimum level to maximise energy saving. Whilst it is true to say that the higher the supply voltage the greater the potential for savings, your actual savings will depend on the type of electrical equipment used.

Benefits of voltage optimisation:

  • Savings of up to 20% can be made on some forms of lighting and fixed speed motors that are not fully loaded
  • More modest savings of about 12% could be made from fixed speed motors that are heavily loaded, some older domestic appliances and non-thermostatically controlled heating
  • Smaller savings of about 4% can be made on modern consumer electronics and IT
  • Quick payback – can payback for itself in less than 12 months
  • Eligible for Finance
  • Guaranteed savings
  • Optional power factor correction and harmonic filtration modules if required to deliver further savings
  • Improves the life expectancy of your electrical equipment, which cuts your ongoing maintenance and replacement costs



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