Energy Efficiency Products


Adding control to energy management activities is an effective technique to reduce energy consumption and cost. Once the areas of consumption have been identified and the usage pattern fully understood, controls can then be installed to make the savings.

Control can come in many forms from local controls to full scale building management systems. The controls are scalable to suit any business need and budget. We can control lighting, heating and air conditioning systems as well as compressors and other machinery.

Benefits of controls:

  • We can control according to business hours and presence using on/off, last man out, time clocks, staged lighting, passive infra-red (PIR), and limiting air conditioning set-points
  • We can control according to environmental conditions by interlocking heating and cooling, using PIR or lux levels for internal lighting, sun-rise/set times or lux levels for external lighting
  • We can control for maintenance using fault codes, alert management and response
  • And we can control the people factor using lock-out air conditioning or limit set-points, removing local controls, last-man-out or alarm linking



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