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Don’t Let Capital Delay Your Renewable Project

12th March 2014

According to government statistics, over 80% of people in the UK are in favour of renewable energy, with the return on investment and ongoing benefit of reduced energy costs making renewable technologies significant assets.  However, despite the benefits, lack of funding is still one of the most common reasons for commercial projects to stall. 

This small hurdle is well worth overcoming and TGE Group has a range of options to do just that from outright purchase, to finance or a fully funded option.  Of course, finance is not limited to renewable projects, but can also be used for our energy efficiency improvements and low energy lighting installations.

Outright purchase clearly offers the greatest returns but not every customer will want to, or is able to lock capital into a long term investment.  At this point, finance is an option that still offers good long term returns and ongoing savings alongside ownership of the technology.  All of our quotes are sent out with examples of finance options alongside projected loan interest costs, savings and financial returns, making it easier for customers to choose how best to fund a project.  TGE Group has partnerships with leading finance companies such as Siemens, Lombard and Hitachi to help secure capital for projects.

A lower risk option includes a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), where TGE Group will organise the funding of qualifying commercial or public sector renewable installations and monitor and maintain it for 20 years. The customer will benefit from low price energy and reduced grid consumption, whilst the funding body will receive the financial returns from the FiT or RHI (currently available for solar PV only).

Every customer is unique, with very different circumstances and requirements, so it is essential that TGE Group works closely with the customer to tailor any finance or funding packages to suit specific needs.

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