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Panels are better than Pensions, says Minister - 3rd March 2014 Installing solar panels on household roofs is a better investment than a pension, says energy minister Greg Barker.  He has suggested that anyone approaching retirement should consider putting some of their savings into solar panels because they can provide a better financial return than a traditional pension. It’s hardly surprising the minister has been championing investment in sola... Continue reading
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Happy Chickens Go Green for Christmas - 12th December 2013 Chickens on a Shropshire poultry farm will enjoy a green Christmas this year as we complete the installation of a new water source heat pump. This latest installation is the third in a row of poultry and game farm renewable installations that we have completed this autumn.  However, it is the first using the water temperature of a nearby lake to provide space heating for the two rearing... Continue reading
Half MW Ground Mount Solar PV Replaces Miscanthus - 18th November 2013 A Shropshire farmer has switched from biofuel crops (miscanthus) to solar energy.  The TGE Group  installation team are busy working on this 500kWp ground mounted solar PV array with the 2,000 panels now in place and work moving onto the AC electrical cabling. Ground mounted solar PV yields more electricity per hectare than the equivalent biofuel crop, making the system an excellent, l... Continue reading
UK Leading Light in Solar - 12th November 2013 When the coalition Government enforced a series of reductions in the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) payments, many believed it would render future solar projects untenable and even sound the death knell for the industry.  However, contrary to popular media reports, the demand for solar PV in the UK has continued to rise and the outlook for the industry has never looked healthier.  Indeed, findin... Continue reading
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Energy Price Rises Put Green Initiatives in Limelight - 24th October 2013 As British Gas and NPower joined SSE with an energy price rise of around 8-10%, the government’s ‘green taxes’ have been identified by some as the main culprit.  However, a closer look reveals that the green element to our energy bills could be the biggest positive in the story. Our duel energy bills are made up of wholesale energy supply and profits (62%), distribution (16%), build... Continue reading
Branston’s Sun Powered Potatoes - 6th September 2013 This summer saw the completion of our 637kWp, multi-site solar PV installation for UK potato supplier, Branston.  With sites in Somerset, Lincolnshire and Scotland, Branston handles around eight to ten per cent of the UK's national potato crop, supplying wholesalers and retailers such as Tesco and Booker. With a strong environmental policy already in place, including anaerobic digestion and... Continue reading
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Open Day and Installations Tour - 13th August 2013 On Friday, 9th August, we invited a group of 20 partners to view a customer’s solar PV and biomass installation. Our guests, including Land Agents, Energy and Agricultural Consultants, were taken on a  tour of Broad Oak Business Park on the Welsh Border followed by a visit to the Estate Office for a briefing on both renewable installations, how the systems work and return on investment. ... Continue reading
Putting Renewables at the Heart of the Business - 9th August 2013 It was with great anticipation that we were invited to attend the unveiling of IT company ICP Networks’ £1 million global headquarters in Poynton, Cheshire last week - and we weren’t disappointed.  Dubbed as the most eco-friendly IT headquarters in Britain, the development is a shining example of how businesses can operate successfully whilst helping the environment, and we are ver... Continue reading
Solar Trade Wars - 17th May 2013 It seems that the European Commission is on the verge of declaring a trade war with China over the import of solar panels worth €21bn (£18bn) a year. The Commission is considering whether to impose an average "anti-dumping" import tariff of 47% on solar panels imported into the region. Some European solar PV manufacturers may claim it’s a way of levelling the playing field, but the ... Continue reading
Increase Your PV Performance with a Spring Clean - 28th March 2013 Spring is coming, and as the sun shines for the first time in what seems like an age, your mind might turn to your solar PV installation and the extra power it will generate in the coming months. However, your modules may not be performing quite as well as you suspect. Given that solar panels are exposed to the elements, they can often pick up layers of dust and detritus that prevent the... Continue reading