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Energy Procurement

Commercial Energy Procurement

With energy price rises continually outstripping inflation, the first step in reducing energy costs is to obtain the most competitive and suitable supplier and tariff for your electricity and gas.

Our procurement experts will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your invoices, statements, contracts and agreements and then produce a free validation report detailing all the information about your energy supplier including:

  • A professional analysis of your energy current costs
  • A review of your energy cost history
  • The identification and claim of any potential rebates due to you
  • A monitoring service of your currents bills to forecast future cost
  • Your carbon dioxide emissions

As part of a competitive tender process we will contact 23 energy suppliers on your behalf to ensure we can provide the most competitive and suitable tariff for you. The information we give you will be totally impartial, transparent and submitted through a measured pricing mechanism in which each energy quote is calculated in a standard way to give you accurate comparisons.

Let us take care of all the complexities, hassle and time consuming activities involved in reducing your energy costs.

Call our technical experts today on 0845 643 2528 or send us an online enquiry to discuss your requirements in more detail.