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Putting Renewables at the Heart of the Business

9th August 2013

It was with great anticipation that we were invited to attend the unveiling of IT company ICP Networks’ £1 million global headquarters in Poynton, Cheshire last week - and we weren’t disappointed. 

Dubbed as the most eco-friendly IT headquarters in Britain, the development is a shining example of how businesses can operate successfully whilst helping the environment, and we are very proud of TGE Group’s involvement in this outstanding project.

ICP Networks buy and sell computer networking equipment and had their green credentials firmly pinned to the board from the start of the development project. 

Transforming a 16,500 sq.ft empty warehouse into a modern, eco-friendly high-tech office block with warehousing in a matter of months, ICP Networks initially contacted TGE to carry out an energy audit of the building.  On the back of the audit, we were able to recommend various energy saving and revenue generating initiatives that could be implemented.

And so the work began.  TGE installed a large 50kWp solar panel system on double insulated walls and roof and a low energy lighting system which utilises 90% less energy.  The solar panel system saves 22 tonnes of CO2 a year – that’s equivalent to 76,127 air miles - whilst generating a huge amount of energy, twice as much as the business requires.  This enables the surplus to be sold into the grid, returning 13% on the investment and rendering the HQ even better than carbon neutral.

So many companies take a single dimensional approach towards their environmental responsibility, simply bolting on the necessary measures rather than fully embracing them. It has been great to work with such a forward thinking company who clearly understands that prioritising green credentials and that takes them to the heart of the business and to the bottom line.

This is best illustrated by seeing how Managing Director Matt Archer has the three inverters placed right alongside his desk so he can literally watch the sun-produced energy clocking up.

As energy prices continue to spiral upwards, and Ofgem warns of power shortages in the very near future, let’s hope that more businesses will fully embrace renewables not only to improve their green credentials but to also deliver on their bottom line.