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Heat Pumps

Why Use Us? | Commercial Heat Pumps

Our dedicated heat team offers over twenty years of specialist engineering experience in the design and installation of small and large scale heat pump systems. Whether your requirements are heating, hot water or cooling, you can call on our extensive product knowledge to design, supply and install one off cost effective, reliable systems.

Heat pumps are effective solutions to heating and cooling applications for all types of buildings, domestic, commercial and retail premises including hotels and residential complexes. We will design a bespoke system for every customer ensuring they receive the most efficient installation to maximise on output and the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Our Installation Process

  • We visit our customers to assess viability and discuss the most appropriate technology, before quotation and to explain products available
  • We work with our customer to calculate the size of system appropriate for the individual requirements and usages and explain how it will be installed
  • Our visit is followed up with a quotation and estimate of heat that will be produced by proposed system
  • Once the quotation is accepted we send out a contract with the relevant terms of business
  • We provide technical design of system prior to installation
  • Installation is completed by our engineers, we will commission the system and set controls and settings to ensure you get the most out of your system
  • Following installation we supply clear, detailed information on using, operating and maintenance of the system along with product and workmanship warranties

Service and Maintenance

Our service and maintenance offerings will differ depending on the system you have chosen but include:

  • Refrigeration check
  • Cleaning of components & operation inspection
  • Electrical consumption checks
  • Control checks
  • System balancing
  • Filter changes
  • System flush
  • Ground collector glycol breakdown check