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Case Studies



Quick Facts

Sector: Commercial
Project: Biomass Boiler
Location: Grimsby
Energy Generation: 112kW

Okofen is well suited to this project as a very controllable, quiet, efficient, low maintenance biomass boiler system. We pre-prepare the ISO container and deliver it directly to site, avoiding the need for additional building works and reducing time on site. TGE Group will provide ongoing after sales support, monitoring the unit remotely for maintenance purposes.”  Matthew Evans, Heat Director,
TGE Group.

The Project

A Lincolnshire based charity providing support for disabled people, introduced carbon neutral renewable energy whilst renovating a Grimsby care home to provide accommodation for disabled people.

The Solution

TGE Group designed and installed a 112kW biomass boiler system for this residential building, with two 56kW cascading Okofen boilers, where a second boiler cuts in at times of increased demand. Each boiler is automatically fed by a seven tonne pellet hopper located in a prefabricated, containerised pellet store positioned close to the plant room.

The boilers provide heat using weather compensated controls, varying the supply temperature and heating start time according to the outside temperature and the boilers’ past performance. The ash is compressed reducing emptying requirements to about once every two months.

Energy Savings

The Okofen has a design efficiency of 93% and is fed by pellets costing around £200/tonne. The calorific value of pellets is 4.8kWh/kg giving a cost of heat of 4.1p/kWh.