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Full House Ventilation System for Poultry Sheds

Ventilation and climate control have long been areas of inefficiency in poultry sheds, both in terms of bird welfare and running costs.  TGE Group is developing a new, Full House Ventilation System (FHVS) which will deliver a range of financial, operational, welfare and environmental benefits, far in advance of conventional methods.

Once installed, the FHVS will be run by a fully integrated control management system developed by TGE Group working alongside poultry equipment supplier, JF McKenna and climate control specialist, Fancom.

The Future of Climate Control in Poultry Sheds

The new system will offer:

A fully treated air supply and filtration system designed to be quieter than conventional systems
Advanced air wash technology reducing dust, ammonia and odour emissions
Heat recovery either for storage or to heat in-going air into the building
Consistent shed temperatures regardless of external weather conditions
Full building management control using TGE Group and fancom integrated system

Contact us using the form below to find out how we can reduce your emissions and energy costs for your poultry farm with a Full House Ventilation System or call 0845 643 2528 to speak with a member of the team.


FHVS - The Benefits for Poultry Farms:

Reduced energy costs

Improved bird performance due to a better environment and welfare

Lower emissions (by up to 90%)

Reduced labour and capital costs of poultry production

Expansion opportunities due to reduced site emissions

Increase density of livestock due to better air quality and climate control

Less airborne disease organisms


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