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Poultry Farmers Switch On To Heat Pumps

29th September 2014

Poultry farmers are switching on to heat pumps, according to renewable expert, TGE Group, as it prepares five new projects for installation this autumn.  The largest of the projects, a 1.2MW heat pump system, will supply heat to a 200,000 bird site across four broiler sheds. 

“Heat pumps are particularly well suited to new and existing poultry sheds,” explains TGE Group Heat Director, Matthew Evans.  “A well designed system offers true climate control from one system achieving temperatures in excess of 36⁰C without any on-site emissions. 

“On the financial side the heat pump will reduce running costs and CO2 emissions whilst bringing in significant extra revenue from the renewable heat incentive (RHI).  Financial returns for our systems are currently running at 20% which is fairly similar to biomass.

“When comparing biomass and heat pumps for new sheds, there is the advantage of no additional planning requirements, no flues or extra fuel storage requirements and a clear understanding of future running costs.”

Every site is different and over the last year TGE Group has installed a combination of award winning renewable technologies for farmers including heat pumps, biomass, solar thermal and solar PV.  “Every site is different so it is a case of balancing financial return with the location, current and projected energy demand and heat requirements.  However, with the recent reduction of the biomass RHI, we are definitely seeing heat pumps projects on the rise, particularly from the energy intensive poultry industry,” concludes Matthew Evans.

For more information contact the TGE Group Energy Team on 0845 643 2528.

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