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Renewable Energy Moves Up Business Agenda after Paris Talks

8th January 2016

As the dust settles after the Paris Climate talks and the Government’s controversial FiT cuts, we can now take an objective look at the future for renewable energy in the UK.  For the commercial sector, the message is clear.  If renewable energy is not already on the business plan, then it should be. 

The COP21 agreement highlighted the reduction in carbon emissions as top priority in reducing climate change.  Companies without a business plan in place to reduce carbon emissions through efficiency and renewable energy, will soon be in the spotlight. Whilst the government has lowered the incentives for some renewable technologies, the pressure to adopt will continue to increase. However, the benefits are also rising.

From global fast food chains to car factories and hotels, companies that are seen to be green are instantly more attractive to retailers and consumers.  In the retail sector, suppliers are under increasing pressure to show carbon savings, for example, some dairy farms are now being judged for their environmental management and given preferential treatment from producers such as Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group. Procurement teams are now under more pressure to choose suppliers that fit with their company’s stance on sustainability.

Investing in renewable energy will not only improve green credentials, it will also generate generous returns and cost savings going directly to the bottom line.  The tariff cuts will lower the financial returns for solar PV, but only by 6%.  This means that TGE Group customers can still get returns over 10% for well sited solar PV installations and more for energy hungry businesses using all of the solar generated energy on site.  Tariffs are still high for other renewable technologies, with heat pumps generating returns of over 20%.

TGE Group has ten years experience in renewable energy and is one of the most established and respected commercial installers in the UK. Few companies share our depth of knowledge: from the UK’s first solar tracker; to the country’s largest integrated solar PV installation.  We also designed and installed the UK’s largest agricultural ground source heat pump and one of the largest agricultural biomass installations. We have broken new ground and continue to innovate, bringing renewable heat to hot yoga suites, biomass to heat green houses and heat pumps to improve ventilation in poultry sheds. We are taking the lead in battery storage and are keen to bring this developing market to our customers in 2016.

For more information on developing your company’s Renewables Business Plan, contact TGE Group’s Energy Team on 0845 643 2528.



Picture taken from the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015

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