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Waterside Advantage for New Heat Pump Owners

7th September 2015

Commercial buildings close to rivers or lakes should make the most of the water's potential to generate low cost, sustainable heat, according to heat pump specialist TGE Group, following the installation of a series of water source heat pumps in the UK this year.

“The advantage of a water source heat pump over ground or air is that the heat transfer from a river or lake is usually higher, increasing efficiency," explains Matthew Evans, TGE Group Technical Director.  "The energy is constantly being replenished in a moving water source and less ground works are required during installation, compared to ground source heat pumps, often bringing the costs down."

At Buckden Marina in Cambridgeshire, TGE Group laid collectors into the River Ouse.  The heat pump system will provide heat to Buckden Marina’s leisure centre, swimming pool and hot yoga suite.

A water source heat pump installation at a poultry farm in North Wales has exceeded expectations, with the local river achieving  a collection temperature as high as 13⁰C.  Unlike a biomass installation on the same site, the heat pump does not require daily maintenance with the farmer admitting he might go a week before he checks this reliable commercial heating system.

TGE Group has experience installing both open systems, with water being extracted from the source, or closed loop systems where a glycol mixture in the collecting pipes absorbs the energy from the water.  For more information on our commercial heat pump installations visit our case studies page or contact the TGE Group Heat Pump Team on 01829 261 765.

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