The Team @ T-L-E

Fed up with dictators for hosts? Try this mob who will just insult you or constantly talk about sex.

Honorary Important People - Welsh, Bozma

Room Managers - Mike, Mr Darcy & of course T-L-E

Room Assistant Managers - Tigerlily, Chillies, PixieLouLou & Ruudfood

Chat Controllers - Mazz, Angel Rebel, Sticky, Disco Stu & TopGuy

The Host Mob - Laura Claire, Mr Ulysees, Madcap Rook, Sabrina, Spitzifire, Sian, Bob, Blissful Lyric, London Boy, Bubbly Ketchup & Her Crabs, Kinky Little Devil, Boomeroo, Magical Serendipity, Liz Batt, Stina, Sweetmeet, Eat My Piano, Flash Broker, Dizziest Spring, The Sorcerer, MissyMisdemeanour, Scarlet, Phoenix Connection, Jamieandhismagictorch, Lady Gooner, Missvet, Dented Rainbow, Osirisofdejadu, Dano, Gem, JD, Blondey, MissyHB, Jane, JustLou, Thelma, Missy, AdvisableFall, Jingles, GeorgiGirl, Morphine and more..... Blimey what a line up!