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Joke 1: Jessie

Joke 2: Bill Gates is hanging out with the chairman of Ford.

"If automotive technology had kept pace with computer technology over the past few decades," boasts Gates, "you would now be driving a V-32 instead of a V-8, and it would have a top speed of 10,000 miles per hour. Or, you could have an economy car that weighs 30 pounds and gets a thousand miles to a gallon of petrol. In either case, the price of a new car would be less than £50."

"Sure," says the Ford chairman. "But would you really want to drive a car that crashes four times a day?"

Joke 3: Us here at TLE have the answer to finding Osama Bin Laden. Simply lace a bunch of Watchtower magazines with anthrax and send the Jehovah Witnesses in after him. Those people can find anybody!

Joke 4: Dan Juel is an alcoholic

Joke 5: Jessie

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