About Us @ T-L-E

We are The Hotter & Fresher London Experience and for good reason! With our proud policies such as Zero Tolerance on Porn and no more than 5 brown hosts at any one time, you can be sure you will have a great chat!

The room contains the best hosts that have not only been in the room for a day or two, unlike some other rooms! So that means they know the room and can use the knowledge to provide a safe and fun room!

The London Experience was founded in July 2002 by most of the former team involved in another great room, The Zoo! Tired of the current offering for London, some of the former Zoo Team such as Kenty, Welshy, Angel Rebel and many more got together to create a new room without the dictators!

The result? London's Hotter & Fresher chat room containing an experienced team, some of which we found in the gutter after long alcohol addiction and some were just desperate!