Solar Thermal Systems

Solar Thermal Systems | Why Use Us?

Our MCS accredited Heat Division has over ten years experience designing and installing small and large scale solar thermal systems. In fact we have recently installed one of the largest solar thermal systems in the UK!

Our extensive technical knowledge and product selection mean that we can advise as well as install. We use a range of products to ensure that the most suitable system is installed for each project.

We have installed solar thermal on a range of projects including new build when the technology is required to reach BREAM building requirements. We have also designed systems to work alongside heat pump installations on sustainable home projects and solar thermal systems which work with solar PV too.

We will advise you throughout the installation process and support you with the Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) applications.

Our Installation Process

  • TGE Group will send an engineer to conduct a free site survey of the property. We will discuss the your energy requirements and personal preferences on different systems
  • We will prepare a quote and, once approved prepare contracts requesting a 25% deposit (as part of the RECC customer assurance scheme)
  • With the contract signed we will agree a suitable installation time and arrange scaffolding
  • Following installation, we will set your controls at an optimum setting and provide full instructions on using the system, plus warranties, manufacturer and workmanship guarantees
  • Post-installation, we do not simply forget about you, our dedicated Customer Care Team are there to help you out when needed



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