Solar Thermal Systems

Solar Thermal Systems | Financial Returns

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – for Solar Thermal

The RHI is a Government run scheme managed by OFGEM, providing a payment for renewable heat systems including solar thermal. Funding is available for commercial systems. Community and domestic systems receive support through the domestic RHI.

Commercial Solar Thermal Systems

Commercial customers can receive the RHI for their solar thermal installation providing that they reach the eligibility criteria:

  • The equipment and the installer must be MCS accredited
  • The applicant must own the installation
  • The installation should have not received any grants

Commercial Payments (current 1 April 2016)

10.28p per kWth for systems under 200kWth, this will be inflation linked and degress annually for new installations, the payments will be made quarterly for 20 years. Accreditation is given after commissioning and the payments will not start until accreditation has been given.




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