Solar PV Export Limiters

Solar PV Export Limiters

TGE Group installs Export Limiters which enable you to fit the correct sized solar PV system for your energy needs, while ensuring that you do not go over the export allowance imposed by the Distribution Network Operators.

DNOs can put a limit on the amount of electricity you are allowed to export from your solar PV system to the electricity grid, restricting the size of your system due to limitations in the local grid infrastructure.

This has led to organisations and farm businesses being forced to install far smaller systems than planned. In some cases, the DNO will agree to a larger installation providing you pay to upgrade the electricity network supplying your property. This upfront capital outlay is often too costly to justify going ahead with the project.

But now with the development of export limiting technology you can install the system you want and limit what you send back to the electricity grid. Most DNOs will accept this compromise of a controlled system and that means planned projects can go ahead without alteration or reduction in size.

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