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Stockport Homes - Stockport

Stockport Homes - Stockport

Quick Facts

Sector: Public Sector (Social Housing)
Project: Solar PV Installation
Location: Stockport Cheshire
Carbon Saving: 922 tonnes CO2/year
Energy Output: 1.7GWh/yr

"We are very pleased to have worked with TGE Group on this project, their experience was a great help through the development and implementation process."
Mark Hudson, Stockport Homes Ltd

The Project

Stockport Homes needed a company with exceptional solar PV expertise to bring their ‘SHINE’ solar project in on time and budget.

TGE Group was awarded the contract, worth over £4m, to install pilot systems followed by the design and supply of 2,000 domestic Solar PV kits for installation on housing stock.

The Solution

TGE Group was involved in the development of the project including advice and training, pilot and commercial installations and working with the main contractor to provide ongoing support in all areas. An average of 40 kits were produced a day by the company’s GreenKit division. All systems were pre-designed in-house, including monitoring equipment and time saving measures to ensure the main contractors could work quickly and efficiently. The complete kits were delivered to site.

Energy Saved

The REA Pioneer Awarded project generates 1.7GWh of clean electricity/year, a saving of 922 tonnes of CO2/year. Households save 20-30% on electricity bills – £130 each on average, whilst the Feed-in Tariff income funds more projects to improve the energy efficiency of Stockport Homes’ housing stock.