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Case Studies

Pantswllt Farm, Ceredigion

Pantswllt Farm, Ceredigion

Quick Facts

Sector: Agriculture
Project: Solar PV Installation
Energy Output: 40,000kWh/year
Carbon Saving: 20 tonnes CO2 per year

The Project

Dairy farmer, Mr Arwel Davies, milks over 250 Friesian Holsteins at the family farm in Ceredigion.  Whilst keen on expanding his herd, Mr Davies was concerned about the additional increases in energy costs.

The Solution

Solar PV was identified as a suitable renewable option for the farm, which had a 15 degree pitched roof orientated South West and South East. TGE Group designed a 49kWp system using 195 Suntech polycrystalline panels and three SMA inverters. To work alongside the farm’s PTO generator, the system was designed with an interlock, connected to the changeover switch, to isolate the solar PV from the generator on failure of the mains supply. The installation should give the farm about 40,000kWh of green energy a year which is used primarily in the milking parlour. 

Rhys Morgan, Business Development Manager, TGE Group said: “Mr Davies shares the concern of many farmers in Wales as they come under increasing pressure from rising energy costs.  Solar PV can help balance price rises as the FiT is index linked and paid over 20 years.”

“The challenge now is to ensure dairy units make maximum use of onsite generated energy, this means using timers, ice banks and heat stores. The focus is now on when the energy is generated and used, not just how much is generated.” 

Energy Saving 

Generating 40,000kWh a year, the system will save over 20 tonnes of carbon and provide a return of at least 13%.