JR Lay Farms Shropshire

JR Lay Farms Shropshire

Quick Facts

Sector: Agricultural
Project: 50kWp Solar PV
Location: Wem, Shropshire
Energy Saving: 40,000 per year
Carbon Saving: 17.8 tonnes CO2 per year

“We are pleased that the system is outperforming its predicted output.  TGE Group carried out a high quality and thorough installation, dispelling any argument that solar PV is not viable.”
Gareth Lay, Bruton Knowles

The Project

With several farm buildings on site, all offering good roof space, it was important to select the best location for a solar PV system to avoid additional structural costs whilst generating maximum output.

“The farm had space for a 50kWp system, however not in a single location. Our design team worked hard to ensure an efficient split system generating 40,000kW hours of electricity a year, which will be exceeded in both the first two years of operation.” Stephen Davies, Commercial Director, TGE Group.

The Solution

Following a detailed site survey, TGE Group designed the split system taking advantage of good roof space on the hay and grain stores. Whilst both locations were orientated off south, the system was carefully designed to maximise output. A total of 178 modules were installed over a combined area of 328m2, using a robust Tristand mounting system. The three inverters were split over two locations and linked to a Solar Log 500 monitoring system.

TGE Group arranged the structural surveys on each building and managed the application for DNO approval, providing all supporting paperwork. 

After a year, the farmer added an annual self-monitoring package with a direct link to the Solar Log web portal to ensure that his system continued to perform well. An energy assessment was also conducted to highlight a future programme of potential efficiency measures at the farm.

Energy Saving

The 50kWp solar PV system generated 8% above output prediction in its first year (2012) and is already 17% above output prediction in its second year, following higher levels of solar radiation during 2013.




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