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Case Studies

Iscoyd Park - Shropshire

Iscoyd Park - Shropshire

Quick Facts
Sector: Commercial
Project: Biomass
Location:  North Wales
Size: 199kW
Energy Generation: 316,000kWh

“We began a period of renovation in 2009 turning Iscoyd Park from a traditional family home into a successful wedding venue. One of the key areas of improvement had to be the heating.  Oil, electric heaters and open fires were just the wrong way to heat such a big house, along with different systems being used for each of the Park buildings. We realised that a district heating system, based on green energy, would be one of the most important investments that we could make to reduce costs and provide an environment to suit the Park’s increasing activities.

TGE Group spent a good deal of time with us explaining our different options and helping us choose a biomass system that would suit our requirements as we grow. Their attention to detail and business ethos has been impressive and we are very pleased with our choice of company.”

Phil Godsal, Iscoyd Park Owner

The Project

Iscoyd Park, a Grade II Listed building on the Welsh borders, is a privately owned family home and award-winning wedding venue. The grounds include a nursery school, spa, offices and cottages.

The Solution

The biomass system was designed to supply heat and hot water to 5 buildings including the main house, spa and office, with the capacity to extend to additional buildings, including the school, in the future.  TGE Group installed a DHS system using an ETA Hack 199kW biomass boiler. This energy efficient system is eligible for the top bracket of RHI payments.

The team installed a primary 3,000l thermal store and secondary 1350l store linked high efficiency pumps.  To provide the district heating system, an underground heat distribution network was laid with over 100m of pre-insulated pipe. Seven RHI compliant 2 heat meters were installed throughout the buildings.

“Iscoyd Park is a beautiful setting and busy venue.  All our work had to be sympathetic to the surroundings and project managed so that it did not impact on the Park’s activities. With restricted space for the pellet and thermal store, we designed a bespoke hopper with agitator and auger that could run both on wood pellet or wood chip, this gives the client extra flexibility for the future.”  Matthew Evans, Heat Director, TGE Group.

Energy Saving

The 199kWp ETA Hack biomass boiler has a design efficiency of around 95%. In the first year, the boiler generated over 300,000kWh, providing an estimated £23,000 in RHI payments and a net gain of £20,485 on the previous year, when the house was heated by oil alone.  The system is set to pay back in 47 months from installation.