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Case Studies

Broad Oak Business Park

Broad Oak Business Park

Quick Facts

Sector: Commercial
Project: Solar PV and Biomass
Location: Shropshire
Energy Generation: 22MWh + 56kW thermal

The Project

Broad Oak Business Park near Whitchurch have recently reviewed the energy used in their commercial buildings and head office. With efficiency high on the agenda, it was clear that the introduction of a range of renewable technologies would provide an income stream and reduce reliance on the use of oil across the Estate.

“I was keen that a sizeable proportion of our energy usage be delivered from sustainable/green sources from an ethical standpoint. But also, taking a longer term view, I like the idea of trying to provide our own energy security,” said John Warburton-Lee, owner of Broad Oak Business Park. 

“We have been following the developing renewable technology market for some time and once we knew what we wanted, it was a question of choosing the most reliable, high quality systems for the right price, offering solid returns. TGE Group was able to bring all these elements together for both the solar and biomass technologies that we chose, plus we felt confident of their technical support and customer care down the line. I see these two projects as first steps along the way. I am looking at further renewable projects to move us closer to generating 100% of our energy requirements.”

The Solution

This two phase renewable installation began with a 21kWp solar PV system designed and installed in 2011. The 78 Suntech-280kW panels were mounted on a south-facing commercial unit in the Business Park.  In the first year, the system exceeded its estimated output by 22%, saving over 10 tonnes of carbon and supplying electricity to the 16 commercial tenants through sub meters.

The second phase was completed in May 2013 with the design and installation of a 56kWp biomass boiler. This boiler provides the estate office, two photographic businesses and the main house with heat and hot water. This new system has a payback of just six and a half years.

Energy Saving

The 21.4kWp Solar PV generated around 22MW in the first year, 22% above the predicted output. The Okofen biomass boiler has a design efficiency of 93% and is fed by pellets costing around £200/tonne. The calorific value of pellets is 4.8kWh/kg giving a cost of heat of 4.1p/kWh.