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Making the Grade - 9th September 2013 Since October 2008, all properties on the market for sale or rent in England and Wales have required by law an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to indicate how green a building is.  This is just one indication of the efficiency of the building and a second Environment Impact rating that measures the property’s CO2 emissions. So what’s going to change in 2018?  Until now, there ... Continue reading
Green Deal Gets Warm Reception - 18th March 2013 The latest statistics released by the Government show that the Green Deal has been met with interest by consumers with over 1800 assessments lodged already.  The scheme was launched at the end of January and provides UK properties with the chance to become more energy efficient using a government loan scheme linked to their bills. A sister scheme to the Green Deal is the Energy Company ... Continue reading
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Green Deal Update - It is not Live! - 20th November 2012 Just in case anyone thinks they have missed something, the Green Deal is not live. The October 2012 launch was just for companies to become assessors. For the end user, both domestic and non domestic, the Green Deal does not begin until 28 January 2013, only then will finance be in place for consumers and energy assessments ready to begin. The roll out process for non domestic Green Deal... Continue reading