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Going Green Reduces Energy Prices - For Everyone - 5th April 2013 The argument that green policies will cause energy bills to soar has been put to rest as the latest statistics show that the government’s green policies have reduced household bills by 5% a year. “The biggest winners will always be those that invest in renewable energy,” comments Sales Director, Stephen Davies.  “With the amount of electricity generated by solar PV increasing se... Continue reading
Minister Greg Barker admits Solar is a Great Deal! - 11th February 2013 In a speech on the launch of the new MCS solar guide (February 2013), Energy Minister, Greg Barger publically declared his support for solar describing it as safe, clean, reliable, accessible, increasingly affordable and a totally scalable technology. After a turbulent few years with unpredictable changes in policy regarding the Feed-in Tariff, it is good news that the government has rec... Continue reading
The Green Energy Management Report - 28th January 2013 The Green Energy Management Report Energy bills are set to rise 10% each year for the next 2 years. Has this got you worried about your bottom line? We are finding that more and more people are bewildered by the sheer volume of technical information that exists on the subject of energy prices, renewable energy and energy efficiency products. So where do you start? Perhaps you have ta... Continue reading
Solar Is Coming Of Age! - 18th January 2013 After 18 months of turbulence, with the government back pedalling on the Feed-in Tariff scheme desperately dampening the national appetite for solar panels, we can finally report a remarkable show of renewed ministerial enthusiasm. Opening the National Solar Centre in Cornwall last week, Minister of Climate Change, Greg Barker MP, announced that ‘solar is coming of age’. DECC has now... Continue reading
Don't Let Energy Costs Cripple Your Business - 20th December 2012 Business leaders believe that energy costs could be a major concern for the growth of their business, according to a recent CEO Survey by Price Waterhouse Cooper (2012).  The Survey put energy costs as a top five threat to business growth, alongside increasing tax burdens and inability to finance growth. The Survey’s preliminary results found that 47% of CEOs will increase their focus... Continue reading
The Renewable Revolution - 2013 - 10th December 2012 Stephen Davies, Sales Director, reports on the renewable revolution. This time last year we were bracing ourselves for the first cut of the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) and wondering what the future held for solar PV. As it turns out, solar is an even more attractive investment now than it was then.  With the price of PV components dropping by more than half, more than the FiT, returns are now ... Continue reading
Are we about to face a bit of stick from the government? - 19th October 2012 Who would have believed in the 21st Century the UK is faced with power shortages and blackouts? Well that’s what we have ahead of us if you are to believe a recent report from energy regulator Ofgem.  Earlier this month it announced that Britain runs the serious risk of running out of energy generating capacity in the winter of 2015-16, leading to power shortages throughout the UK. ... Continue reading