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Event: Managing Energy to Your Advantage - 30th August 2013 Since October 2008, all properties on the market for sale or rent in England and Wales have required by law an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to indicate how green a building is.  This is just one indication of the efficiency of the building and a second Environment Impact rating that measures the property’s CO2 emissions. So what’s going to change in 2018?  Until now, there ... Continue reading
Investing in the Future - 15th August 2013 As the green shoots of recovery become increasingly evident in the wake of the most recent economic downturn, many cash rich companies will be considering their investment options going forward. An analysis of Office of National Statistics (ONS) data for the final quarter of last year shows that corporations (other than banks) are sitting on a whopping £318 billion as UK PLCs stockpiled... Continue reading
Performance Monitoring - 29th April 2013 Why fit renewables and not monitor their efficiency?  Whether it is biomass, heat pumps, wind or solar PV, it's all about energy generation. And without monitoring, it is hard to react quickly to a system failure unless someone is staring at the controls 24 hours a day. Whilst for small domestic installations one can get away with regular checks without fear of losing large portions of ... Continue reading