Solar helps with refrigeration costs

2nd February 2016

As we enter the new 2016 solar PV tariff regime, our first customer will be a North Wales food business supplying chilled and frozen foods.  A business like this is well suited to solar PV, with a large, south facing roof, good electricity supply and a constant, high energy demand due to the use of refrigeration.

With the solar energy used at source, it is the ideal example of energy decentralisation, with the solar power enabling the business to act as a micro generator without burdening the national grid with high volume peak electricity exports.

"This is a great investment by any one's standards with returns of over 10%.  Solar PV has a great future in the UK and will be an important part of the energy mix, we just need the commercial and public sector to switch on to the value in changing old, outdated processes.  There are tens of thousands of businesses using machinery, refrigeration and heat who have constant high energy needs that can be offset by good use of renewable energy to say nothing of government buildings and hopsitals.  It is time to move out of the dark ages and into the renewable light."  Stephen Davies, Commercial Sales Director.

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