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Happy Chickens Go Green for Christmas

12th December 2013

Chickens on a Shropshire poultry farm will enjoy a green Christmas this year as we complete the installation of a new water source heat pump.

This latest installation is the third in a row of poultry and game farm renewable installations that we have completed this autumn.  However, it is the first using the water temperature of a nearby lake to provide space heating for the two rearing sheds. 

Our installation team proved they could turn their hand to anything, using a rowing boat to lay the 80m of collectors and ballast required for the Hidros 200kW pump.  As the lake is also used for commercial fishing, we had to ensure that the water temperature is carefully monitored so as not to upset the habitat of the resident carp. As this is a moving body of water, the water should remain at a reliable 8⁰C on the bed and we are sure the carp will soon get used to the new topography at the bottom of their lake.

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